The Manawatu Toy Library is a not-for-profit charity organisation run by a team of volunteers and as such we welcome new sponsors to get in touch by emailing manawatutoylibrary@gmail.com.

We heavily rely on grants, sponsors, donations and our members renewing their subscriptions and spreading the word to potential new members.


Perpetual Guardian/Kingdom Foundation

PNCC Strategic Priority Grant

Community Organization Grant Scheme (COGS)

Community Services Small Grants

COVID19 Government Wage Subsidy

TLFNZ Lottery Grant

Thomas George McCarthy Grant (TGM)

Milverton Trust



We are so grateful for the support of our sponsor, the MENZSHED who repair many of our toys. We were approached by MENZSHED offering to mend, make and repair our wooden toys. Children being the great toy testers that they are, meant that we always had a steady stream of toys needing attention! Graham and the team always have such a lovely manner and are a pleasure to work with.

They have mended numerous toys over the years. Most recently they took a table and chairs set for a sand, varnish and paint. This will be a key piece of furniture when we are able to invite the children to play, and draw again in the library. (hopefully in the not too distance future). With the focus being on the environmental aspects of an organisation, wood continues to be a safe and sustainable source material.  MENZSHED allow us to preserve and protect our collection with these environmental benefits so when a toy does come to the end of its life it does not become a pollutant.

"BEFORE" Photo:

Amazing "AFTER" Photo:

We are lucky to be able to connect with men in the community that have such a wide knowledge base and a wealth of experience to assist us in these tasks. Our organizations mutually benefit each other beautifully and we are happy to know that this work helps men in the community re connect with others in a meaningful way.

With the help of sponsors, Manawatu Toy Library is able to promote learning through play by providing educationally appropriate, challenging and fun toys.